Multimedia Team
Mentor: Jeff Wood

Team Members:
Je'aime Powell
Gregory Lassiter
Barbara King

Streaming Movies Over the Internet

The project goal of this research project is to conduct a study to determine the most effective way to stream real time video clips over the Internet. In preparing to precede with this the project a determination was made on what software that would be most value to complete this task. The choices made Real Producer Plus for PC, the G3 PowerPC Macintosh and Windows NT 4.0. Real Producer is a multimedia production environment designed to help convert large amounts of audio and video content to a streaming format suitable for distribution via Web sites. Real Audio and Video streaming is rapidly becoming a necessity for a large segment of websites.
Streaming media is a method of making audio, video and other multimedia available in real-time, with no download wait, over the Internet or corporate intranets. Streaming media systems consist of the following five elements: Encoders & Tools, used to create or capture and edit multimedia Data Types, which are transmitted by centrally located servers over Networks to individual client players, on a live or on-demand basis by multiple end-users with Player software on their personal computers or other personal electronic devices. The following are the system configuration used in processing the streaming video. In addition to the configuration elements the software utilized and/or connections were Real Producer Plus, AVI conversion software, and s-video/video connections to acquire the VCR captures.

System Configuration


Hard drive


Operating System


PowerPC G3

1.2 GB

32 MB

OS 8.1

266 Mhz


17 GB

256 MB

NT 4.0

550 Mhz